PROBE series

Press release

The second volume in the Urban SF series PROBE was published in november 2019 (in Dutch):  Southern Lights (Aurora Australis, Zuiderlicht).  The adventures continue where the 1st book, ‘Probe’ ended.

After the four high school friends Senne, Thomas, Marion and Paul came into contact with an extraterrestrial visitor in 2028, their everyday lives have changed. They can now use unearthly technology, which is both impressive and very dangerous. A trip to Mars shows them what dangers they may face. Yet the super technology can help them solve very difficult problems, since Marion’s parents seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth – two years ago. They now try to find Marion’s mother. They discover her involvement in a secret project at a Gene bank. That project was started to handle consequences of the climate crisis. When they find out that they are targeted by some dangerous persons, they have to use the unearthly technology for their own safety. Yet there are more and more questions. Why is Thomas’ father invited to a creepy meeting in New Mexico? And what is the role of the missing biologist Tjalmo? They end up in  a cat-and-mouse game that takes them far beyond the earth – where only they are in control.

Zuiderlicht is not yet translated in English. 
Any progress on that will be reported here.

Original press release – eerder persbericht november 2019