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Our sciences are now 300 years old. We have found instruments that help us understand the world around us – like the frameworks of mathematics, mechanics and electromagnetism, thermodynamics, quantum physics, relativity theory and many other fields of knowledge that are at our disposal. We almost understand how life can be formed from basic molecules in a suitable environment and what is needed to maintain it. These 300 years of sciences and technology have changed our world. Our future world depends on further progress.

A number of SF adventures and thrillers form the Probe series. Together they form a quest, a voyage in space and time on earth and beyond. They explore the universe and possible life on other planets.

New technologies may unfold on earth. Dreams that conceal the sight of where we are. In the Orion arm of an average size galaxy. Separated by an abyss in space and time from life in other places. Where the shape of matter may be a multiple of what we will see on Earth. Where we may not even know what the millions of molecules are. Imagine …


It is a fact that  many of todays’ technical possibilities are based on inventions that were made 50 years ago  – or even more than 150 years ago. Many of these inventions originate from a better knowledge and control of crystals and new molecules.  Lasers, LEDs, VLSI, computer chips, microdetectors, CCD chips (camera eyes) are based mainly on semicoductor materials developments. The first invention in this field – the transistor – was made  in the fifties by Bardeen, Shockley and Brattain (Nobel prize). Without it, many computer components would be either impossible or extremely costly. Yet the knowledge of semiconductors on which their invention was based, dates from the period between 1830 – 1910. Semiconductors are produced as diamond-like pure crystals from substances like silicium. In these crystals a small quantity of a substance like phosphorus or boron is added. What then happens to the crystals and how it will behave, is known in what is called Solid State science. This has brought us our modern technology, yet the possibilities in this field are still enormous. And they will be used sooner than we expect.

TECUINO equivalents?   Look for Arduino, Funduino and Raspberry Pi

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