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Astrochemistry is a key science in assessing the possibilities for life elsewhere in the universe. The scientific work that is done in that field attracts more and more interest. My own background in chemistry, quantum physics and thermodynamics leads me to the conviction that similar circumstances elsewhere in the universe will enable the same processes with the same kinetics we experience on earth. The creation of basic life from water, carbondioxide and nitrogen to form living cells by converting low energy radiation (from nearby stars) is to my opinion inevitable in many places in the universe where the temperature allows the formation of the molecules that are necessary for life. Even if the precise mechanisms of the creation of live are not yet elucidated. Living cells may then lead to living organisms that will in the end lead to an evolution-variety by changing circumstances. On earth that has taken several hundred millions of years.
Yet my broad views are not yet supported by scientific evidence. They are thought experiments, that form the basis of this adventure series. When I studied chemistry, the most appealing work to me at the University, was done in a group that wanted to create new materials. Only later I found out that their ideas were incomplete as the influence of quantum mechanics was insufficiently taken into account. Still, that work attracted attention of many young scientists. To my opinion, research is sometimes catalyzed by wild new ideas – even science fiction like ideas. And then sometimes, maybe even much later, we find useful knowledge from it.

Using the edge of new sciences I use thought experiments in the adventures of the four key persons in this series –
just trying to scout what could be possible – or almost. Technologies we might find in the future.
And it may hopefully also promote even more interest for all the beautyful beta sciences.

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Dutch scientist Ewine van Dishoeck awarded with the Kavli prize 2018 for Astrophysics. (September 2018)
Nobel prize astrophysics?
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